Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Special Guests!

Honor Your Father and Mother.

Each week in Kid's Club we want to reserve some special time to focus on honor. Specifically how to honor our mother and father? We discussed what it means to give Honor. Honoring our Mother and Father includes more than just obeying it also includes respect. We gave examples of dishonor such as direct disobedience, improper attitudes and arguing. This week we were privileged to have the parents of Chris and Zack join us.

Chris and Zack demonstrated honor by answering a few questions. We started off simple, asking just a few questions about a few of their parent’s favorite things:

Tim’s favorite soft drink is Coke.
His hobby is watching sports.
His favorite sports team is the University of Michigan
His favorite food…. Anything that isn’t moving. :)

Kari’s favorite food is chocolate.
Her favorite hobby is sewing.
Her favorite sports team is Michigan State and sometimes Penn State.
Her favorite sport is Hockey.

We then focused on Chris and Zack. We wanted to know what they enjoyed doing the most with their parents. Chris enjoyed any board games and Zack enjoyed Movies with his dad. We also asked them what they would miss the most if their parents had to leave for a year. Chris would miss his mom’s lasagna and Zack would miss his Dad’s “lame” jokes.

You might be asking, “How do these simple questions demonstrate honor?” The answer is time. The thing that Chris and Zack value the most is time with their parents. They didn’t even realize that they were showing honor to their parents in the answers they gave. But think of the honor they demonstrated by in affect saying that they most wanted time with their parents; time to listen to jokes, prepare great food, watch movies and play games.

So, thank you, Chris and Zack for showing us that one way we can honor our parents is by valuing the time they spend with us.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea,
Ihope others will enjoy this as may be a good tool to help us all learn a little about everyone.