Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Program

Here are some dates and times (off of the sheet that was passed out last week at church):

Sunday, Dec. 16th - 9:15 - Come to the Sunday School Room (at the Daycare) and we will go over the 1st song in the program. At 9:35 we will walk over to the church and march up on stage ( they do not need their t-shirts on).

Sunday School Time - 9:50 - after we sing at the end of the 1st service, we will go back to the Sunday School Room and have Sunday school time. The first 10 in. will be to review any songs we need to work on and then the last 30 min. will be spent with their Sunday School teachers.

10:45 - At 9:40 we will line up at the Sunday School Room and go back into the church to sing the 1st song again.

Sunday Evening, 16th - all children in program should be in the Old Children's Church Worship Room with their t-shirts and pants on at 5:40 (khaki or black pants). Please find your box as soon as you get there and you will get lined up in order.

Parents - please bring 2-3 dozen goodies to the kitchen when you arrive.

Jr. High students, shepherds, angel, PA announcer, mary, Joseph, Rich Man, Poor Widow, Character of Jesus, Readers, etc. should be dressed and at the Old Children's Worship Room at 5:50 and will be sitting in the back of the church until you need to go on stage.

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