Sunday, October 14, 2007

Honor and Respect

It was our privilege to have Olivia's parents, Gary and Rachel, as our special guests this last week. As a group we talked about how Honor and Respect are closely related. They are often used interchangeably to describe each other. This week we decided to focus in on the positive side of respect. It isn't enough to just not do "bad things" but we must also do "good things". We must be seeking to look for the good and honorable things to do. When we honor and respect our parents we should think of ways to "esteem, show regard or to favor".

Each week we start off asking easy questions, questions that are simple to answer and then we move to more difficult questions. Olivia did a great job as I moved into some of the more difficult ones. We talked about things that we can do for her mom or dad when they are having a bad day. Some of the things that Olivia likes to do for them is to make cards for her parents to show that she loves and honors them. She likes to cook with her mom and may play games with her dad.

Kids, Make it a point to let your mom and dad know that you love them by doing something for them this week. It could be something like helping rake the leaves or do the laundry. It could also be something like making a card or just out of the blue giving them a hug and telling them you love them.

Parents, Last week we encouraged the kids to let you, the parent, love on them. This week we want to encourage you to let your kids love on you. When they come to talk to you, stop what you are doing and listen to them. They are coming to you because they honor, respect and love you. When they want to give you that hug, let them linger, enjoy it, anything else can wait.

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