Sunday, November 21, 2010

Haiti Packing Night

We were blessed again by all of you! Thank you for giving so willingly - giving your time, your selves and your money - all so generously.

Our Middle Schoolers were AMAZING help!!!

In all, we packed 117 bags to go to Haiti to bless others.

We were blown away by your generous donations of personal supplies.

You can tell we've been doing this a few years - our veteran workers have it ALL under control - and even take the new workers "under their wings"!! You guys really are SO good!

We had some GREAT looking picture frames!! :)

Making our Christmas cards to stick in our bags. This was a busy spot!!

I am telling you, not a slacker in the bunch!!

Oops - they can't go to Haiti - we better not seal that one up!!

Boxes packed and ready to go!

I only wish we'd had pictures of the kitchen crew - I didn't have my camera out yet - but THANK YOU to the kitchen crew as well. It really speaks highly to our church - our body really all pitches in! Can't wait to hear about Christmas in Haiti!!

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KariR said...

These turned out great! Another super night.